Becoming a Freelance Model?

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If you haven’t yet been signed to a modeling agency, or if you simply like the idea of “being your own boss” without the help of a modeling agency, then freelance modeling may be for you.

How to Become a Freelance Model  

“Freelance modeling” means that you are representing yourself. You will be responsible for finding and booking your own work. You will be responsible for building your own portfolio, marketing yourself, educating yourself about the modeling industry, networking, updating your resume… and the list goes on. Seems like a lot of hard work, right? Well, that may be true- but for MANY people, the flexibility and freedom of freelance modeling is more-than-worth the effort required! Upon achieving their first bit of success, that momentum propels many into experienced, well-known, and even full-time, professional models… all without any agency telling them what to do.


There are no actual physical ‘requirements’ to be a freelance model… but being highly-attractive with a toned body and a great smile is DEFINITELY going to help you along the way. Freelance models can work in as many fields of modeling as they would like. They can work as print models, promo models, commercial models, fitness models, glamour models, art models, catalog models, music videos models, magazine models, and much more.

There are plenty of opportunities for freelance models these days, especially with the help of the internet. It is just a matter of finding the work, having a great attitude, arriving early to every job, being reliable, respecting your coworkers, and making contacts within the industry as you go along. The more satisfied clients you impress with your professionalism, the more referrals you receive. These lead to more jobs… and the cycle continues. Parallel allow you to be broadcasted among a wide range of agencies!


The good news about being a freelance model is that although you are not exclusively signed to a modeling agency, you may still be signed non-exclusively with as many modeling agencies as you want! Your non-exclusive modeling agencies will submit you for work and get you booked on jobs… and the more agencies you are signed with, the more opportunities that will be sent your way. Note: you WILL have to pay a percentage to them, but many of these agencies are able to secure high enough modeling rates that it is totally worth giving them 10%. (Side note: we will be adding tons of future posts on the subject of non-exclusive modeling agencies, how to get signed, expectations and etiquette when on the job for them, etc. We also have a GIANT list of non-exclusive modeling agencies around the country, which we will be sharing with our readers as well. Be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter to stay in the loop- great things coming soon!)


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